VW 412 with a Porsche 911 Engine

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

The Norwegian owner of this Volkswagen 412 had always dreamed of owning one with a Porsche 911 engine ever since he saw his first as a young boy. Then a friend pointed him to one that had already setup for the swap. After purchasing, the owner put in a lot of time and effort to turn it into a Porsche 911 with a classic VW body.

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

Almost all of the main components were sourced from the Porsche 911 G-series (1974-1977). Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.2 L Porsche 911 engine connected to a five-speed manual transmission from a Porsche 930 Turbo. The brakes and suspension were taken from a 911.

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

The original plan was just to install the engine and transmission but he really wanted a set of Porsche wheels to compliment the choice in power. The owner wanted to run a set of Ruf 8×17 wheels which are very difficult to find. A friend of a friend was selling a set of Ruf wheels but they turned out to be 9×17 and 10×17. When life hands you wider wheels… you make wider fenders.

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

The owner then figured if he was widening the fenders why not also use the styling and bumpers from a Porsche 930 as well. At this point the car was given the name VW 612 RS. As if Porsche themselves had taken a Volkswagen body off the assembly line and used it to create their own performance wagon. The interior also includes parts from Porsche. The dash is from a 911 and the seats are taken from a 996.

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

Recently the owner has taken influence from Singer’s air-cooled 911s and plans on modernizing many components such as electric windows, electric seats, electric mirrors, AC, and upgraded LED lights.

VW 412 with a Porsche 3.2 L 911 Engine

Source: VW Porsche 612 RS FB page and VW Norge (build thread in Norwegian) via ESD reader Alfred


  1. MOPARfan

    Awesome swap! Car looks amazing, very clean. Love it. I wonder though are there any VW Beetles with 911 engine swaps.

  2. Sue

    My first car was a red VW 412. Memories of bombing around Boston, driving to Syracuse and buzzing the truckers – I loved that car. Whoever owns it is truly fortunate.

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