Georg Plasa’s Le Mans Prototype Powered BMW 134

side of Georg Plasa's BMW 134 inside wind tunnel

Georg Plasa was a German hill climber who drove this amazing Judd V8 powered BMW 134. The car was based on an E82 and the engine was a 550 horsepower Judd KV675 V8. Judd built these engines for 2001 Le Mans Prototypes using the Formula 3000 KV V8 as a base. Then they increased the displacement to 3.4 liters and reinforced the engine for endurance racing. Georg died from a crash during the 2011 Coppa Carotti in Italy. Take a look back at some of his amazing driving in an amazing car.

Georg Plasa – BMW 134 Judd V8 – Rechberg 2011

Georg Plasa – BMW 134 Judd V8 – Trierer Bergrennen 2011

Georg Plasa – Testing BMW 134 Judd V8 – Franciacorta

Presentation of Georg Plasas new BMW 134 Judd (PART1/2) (German)

Source: via Oppositeolock


  1. Zack

    How much horsepower does this engine make? Trying to make a replica in my game (sadly they don’t have his car there and the closest thing you can get looks nothing like it but I’ll make due with what I’ve got)

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