Pontiac LeMans with Supra 7M-GTE

Pontiac LeMans with Supra 7M-GTE
Ralf Becker tired of the German culture of originality in cars and after receiving a free 1972 Pontiac LeMans from a video game promotion decided he wanted to really make a statement. His creation is a turbo Gen 3 Supra inline six running off of 108 octane bio-methanol. He recognizes some car clubs may want to kill him for taking on this perceived taboo mashup; Japanese technology in an American hotrod. You can hear most of his inspiration in his own words here. Other modifications are keeping the supra 6-speed trans, JE pistons, Eagle rods, bigger turbo, and a freon-to-air intercooler system based off the Toyota AC.

Gallery of the Pontiac LeMans

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