1969 Camaro with 707 Cubic Inch Motor

1969 Camaro with 707 cubic inch V8

This is a very unique 1969 Camaro built by Carlevale Custom Cars. Not only does it have a huge motor but also has a transmission rarely seen on a street car. Under the hood you will a 707 cubic inch V8 taking up all the space. The engine is constructed by a Donovan block and Brodix Big Duke heads, custom one piece all aluminum valve covers, and a custom ram air intake system.

707 cubic inch V8 in a 1969 Camaro

underneath a 1969 Camaro showing the Lenco four speed transmission

The transmission is a Lenco four speed with a Gear Vendors overdrive, a blow proof bell housing, McLeod dual disc clutch, and aluminum light weight flywheel. In case anyone is interested how a Lenco tranmission works. If you feel like this car belongs in your garage, the current price $425,000.

Source: Hemmings Classifieds via Hemmings Blog

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