Project Banshee: 1st Gen. Miata with V8 Swap

On Stacey David’s GearZ TV show he puts a Ford 302 into a 1st Generation Mazda Miata. The inspiration for this was based off people asking him to do a cheap project. What is better then a small car with a big engine. Stacey prices this project at $20K or less.

There is a kit from costs $3,995 which seems to be really good deal seeing it contains just about everything you need besides the engine and transmission.

2 thoughts on “Project Banshee: 1st Gen. Miata with V8 Swap

  1. Gary Craig

    Stacey David, great show would love to build one. Retired military/civil service. Limited finances but looks like the project I could afford to get the most for the effort put in.

  2. jeff hornli

    we have a 2000 miata is there a kit for that year ? I saw your show on the build. how do I access your on line private vidio so Ican convince my girlfriend. Please send pictures/info/all you can. THANKS


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