Tour of Ford’s EcoBoost V6 at SVT

Jalopnik has a good article written by engine geek Ben Wojdyla talking about the finer details of Ford’s EcoBoost V6. He talks about the advantages of the direct injection and the new exhaust manifold. All these details are very exciting since this engine setup will deliver 340 horsepower and 340 lb-ft torque out of a … Read more


Colin Masterson’s S12 with a RB20DET

Colin Masterson knows his way around a S12, which is why he is a co-admin at Club S12 forum. But he is better known for his very unique S12. Colin bought the car in 2004 but didn’t really start to modify it until 2005. That year he swapped out the original interior for a black … Read more

Porsche 911 with Some Bowtie in the Trunk

Talk about a tight fit. This Porsche 911 has a supercharge LS1 V8 stuffed in the back replacing the original flat 6. One might think that the V8 would be heavier but thanks to a lot of aluminum the LS1 is lighter then the original engine the driver shaved off around 21 pounds total. No … Read more

Batman’s Tumbler Runs Off Detroit Power

It seems with all the sophisticated technology Lucius Fox had at his fingertips he still decided to use dependable American small block to power Bruce Wayne’s Tumbler. The movie required the vehicle to all the stunts so it had to do a 0-60 in 5 seconds, be able to do 100 mph, and light enough … Read more