1965 Ford Cortina with a Honda S2000

At some point a S2000 lost control and wrapped the back end around a tree or pole. Unfortunatly the body was lost but the S2000’s heart got a second chance. The 247 horsepower F20C found a new place inside the engine bay of a 1965 Ford Cortina. The F20C is using all factory wiring and … Read more

Nissan SR20DET Powered Toyota Celica

This 1st Gen. Toyota Celica is owned by Daijiro Inada and was built by Garage Boso. Out went the original four cylinder and in went a Nissan SR20DET with a five speed transmission. The entire front suspension is swapped from a S13 and there are future plans to swap the rear suspension from a S13 … Read more

Engines For Sale Section

We are going to try to open up a for sale section to help others with buying and selling engines, transmissions, engine swap kits, etc. If you have something related to engine swaps for sale please email us [info at engineswapdepot.com] with the link where you are selling it at (ebay, forum post link, craigslist). … Read more

Honda NSX with a LS7 V8

After racing this 1991 NSX for six years in mostly NASA & NSX-only events, Ms. Badwrench Racing decided to build what they call “the Ultimate NSX Hybrid“. They were going to take the factory Honda C30A V6 and replace it with a GM LS7 V8. Their goal was to make a streetable car that resembled … Read more