V7 Super Coupe Early Pics

Here are some pics of the 1,000 HP mid-engine Corvette bound to turn heads at SEMA 2007. It will be very interesting to see people’s reaction to this car. Related: EngineSwapDepot.com V7 Super Coupe Source: Jalopnik.com

Twin Engine V6 Lupo

After swapping the original engine for a six cylinder the owner felt it needed a little bit more horsepower. He felt turbo charging was too much money but I doubt he would have been able to fit a turbo with that engine anyway. He already had to cut a hole in the hood for more … Read more

1996 Civic HB with LS1

Well I don’t know if this is the first one ever attempted but I never have seen this done before. The best way to describe this swap would be to take a complete corvette drivetrain and slap a civic hatchback body over it. This swap includes the engine, transaxle, torque tube, front suspension, and even … Read more

1992 Sonoma with 4.6L TT V6

Syborg TT has had a long history before Marty McGuire finally decided what to make of his 92 GMC Sonoma. Originally a Sonoma GT, Marty visited designer Bob Thrash and had him develop an awesome look for what would be soon called the Syborg TT. Since then Marty and Competition Fabrication have collaborated on bringing … Read more

2nd Gen Corvette with Z06 Engine

This incredible 2nd Generation Corvette with a ProCharged Z06 is the work of Frank Serafine of Prodigy Customs. Great attention to detail has been spent upgrading this older corvette into a modern street cruiser that can handle some serious turns thanks to the C4 suspension. Along with the 554 RWHP is a TKO 600 and … Read more