Drift 370Z with a VK56 V8

Chris Forsberg’s Formula D 370Z is seen here running a Nissan Titan VK56 V8 and a Quaife 60G sequential six-speed. For more information and photos please visit the link below. Source: Speedhunters

For Sale: 2004 TT Mercedes V12

Up for sale is this 2004 twin-turbo Mercedes V12 from a Maybach 57. It includes the motor, the transmission, oil cooler, ECU, wiring, shifter, and driveshaft. Motor only has 5,500 miles on it. Current price is $16,000. If you are interested call Garry at 425 220 2197.

Infiniti G35 with LQ9 V8

This 2006 Infiniti G35 sedan has had its factory engine replaced with a 6.0L LQ9 V8 with the help of a Sikky engine swap kit. The engine has been upgraded with a 102mm throttle body, 1 7/8 inch headers with 3 1/2 inch collectors. The G35 also has a Computech Datamaxx LCD dash logger and … Read more

For Sale: 1989 240SX with RB25

Here is a nice RB25 powered 1989 240SX for sale in Illinois. The owner claims the car makes 411 horsepower to the wheels on 17 psi of boost. Owner is looking for $10,000 OBO. Source: NoRotors

1996 Jeep Cherokee with 2JZ-GTE

The bulletproof 2JZ motor has found another unique home. Chad Kassem has spent a lot of time and effort getting the 2JZ platform swapped into a 1996 Jeep Cherokee. The focus was to make the swap look like a clean factory installation. Chad plans on keeping the Cherokee 4WD. I am looking forward to seeing … Read more