1200 HP Twin Supercharged 1974 Corvette

This is one seriously crazy twin supercharged 1974 Corvette. I couldn’t find too much information but what little I did from Lateral-G.net was it has a 512 CID Merlin motor with twin Whipple superchargers, Richmond 6-speed transmission, and topped off with some really nice 19″ HRE 574. All added together gives this monster an easy … Read more

Forza User Designed Cars

I just ran across AutoBlog’s gallery of user designed cars. Some of these are really good. Designs vary from the humorous Mario Bros’ Skyline or a more serious racing design such as the Castrol Toyota Celica. Forzamotorsport.net Forum Thread – Make sure to keep up with this thread for more user submitted pics.

Volvo 244 with 1JZ-GTE

The Volvo 200 series was one of the safest cars of it’s time and set the standard for certain safety features. But I am sure the original Volvo engineers did not think about having a 276 BHP 2.5L twin turbo engine when they dreamed up the 244. The motor was yanked from a Toyota Soarer … Read more

Forza 2 has Drivetrain Swaps

Interested in doing really expensive engine swaps without getting your hands dirty? Included in the second offering from Turn 10 Studios is the ability to swap drivetrains as apposed to just swapping engines in the first. This means you can put in AWD or RWD in a FWD car. We are expecting to see some … Read more

Bugatti Veyron Engine Swap?

The reason this is listed with a question mark is because it is just that, are we ever going to see the massive quad-turbocharged DOHC 64-valve W-16 in something besides a Veyron? With confirmed reports of someone having more money then brains and with more stupid people being born every second, someone should soon be … Read more