1934 Ford with a Duesenberg 7.0 L Inline-Eight

1934 Ford with a Duesenberg Inline-Eight

Jay Leno visited Las Vegas to talk with Dave Blake about his Duesenberg hot rod. The unique car was originally built by Hal and Bill Ulrich in 1947. The Brothers pulled the 7.0 L (420 ci) DOHC inline-eight and transmission out of a used Duesenberg and installed it into a 1934 Ford. Their goal was … Read more

2015 Forester with a 971 whp STI Powertrain

2015 Forester with a turbo EJ flat-four and STI drivetrain

A very talented Floridian turned his 2015 Forester XT into the ultimate Forester. The crossover SUV comes from the factory with a 2.0 FA20 flat-four and Lineartronic CVT transmission. Although the FA-series engines can produce power when built, the owner had EJ-series parts and preferred working with them. So he purchased a 2015 WRX STI … Read more

Mercedes 190E with a Supercharged Inline-Four

Mercedes 190E with a supercharged M111 inline-four

What should you do if your Mercedes 190E (W201) still looks good but the inline-four is getting long in the tooth? Tuning Kingz Shop in Poland solved that problem by using an engine from a Mercedes 230 Kompressor (W202). They replaced the 190E’s tired 1.8 L M102 inline-four that made 107 horsepower with the supercharged … Read more

Fiat 126p with a Turbo Inline-Four

Fiat 126p with a Croma Turbo Inline-Four

This custom Fiat 126p was built by Damian Kurcz in Poland. The body sits on a custom tube chassis with a MacPherson-style front suspension with Kawasaki ZX6R shocks and custom rear suspension using parts from a Opel Tigra and Fiat Uno Turbo. Behind the driver sits a turbocharged 2.0 L 8v inline-four from a first … Read more