Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines Update 3

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal has finished building his custom 1.6 L inline-five from two Hayabusa inline-four engines. In our previous update he finished welding the block and camshaft together. Since that article Bjørnar has been very busy finishing the valve cover, balancing the crank, honing the cylinders, and modifying Mikuni TDMR carburetors to fit a factory 2nd … Read more

VW Lupo with Two R32 Engines

VW Lupo with two VR6 engines

Ten years ago Biox Performance in Croatia built a Volkswagen Lupo with two 2.8 L VR6 engines. Last year they decided to rebuild the little car and make it even better. They started by stripping it down for body and paint work. Now they are in the process of installing two 3.2 L VR6 engines … Read more

For Sale: 1969 Toyota Corona with a 20/22R Inline-Four

1969 Toyota Corona with a 20-22R Inline-Four

This 1969 Toyota Corona is for sale in Orlando, Florida for $15,500. The restored Corona is powered by a 2.4 L 20/22R inline-four made with a 20R head, 22R block, and dual Inglese Weber sidedraft carburetors. Behind the engine sits a five-speed manual transmission connected to a Toyota GTS limited-slip differential. Other upgrades include all-wheel … Read more

Toyota Supra with a Turbo S50B30 Inline-Six

Toyota Supra with a Turbo S50 Inline-Six

Albin Berg has spent the last four months working on a Toyota Supra Mk4 in his amazing garage in Sweden. Albin is building the Supra for drifting and street. Power comes from a built 3.0 L S50B30 inline-six normally found in a BMW E36 M3. The engine features forged pistons, H-beam rods, billet crank, VANOS … Read more

Nissan R32 with a Twin-Turbo LS1 V8 – Part 5

Nissan R32 with a Twin-Turbo LS1 V8

The Skid Factory is back with another episode on their 1993 Nissan R32 Skyline project. The Skyline went through two engines, the factory RB20 inline-six and then a turbo VQ30 V6 but will soon have a twin-turbo LS1 V8. In this episode the team installs the exhaust manifolds, downpipe, turbochargers, wastegates, piping, throttle cable, and … Read more

Mazda RX-7 with a Triple-Turbo 20B

Mazda RX-7 FD with a triple-turbo 20B triple-rotor

Angel Motorsports in Chesapeake, Virginia is building this Mazda RX-7 FD for a lucky customer. In the engine bay sits a peripheral ported 20B three-rotor with three BorgWarner SXE turbochargers. The company will use an Adaptronic M6000 ECU to control the engine. Power will transfer to the ground through a set of Hoosier 345 wide … Read more