For Sale: Unfinished 1974 Porsche 914 With A Subaru Flat-six

1974 Porsche 914 With A Subaru EZ30

This unfinished 1974 Porsche 914 project is for sale out of Redwood City, California for $5,000. The car has a 2001 Subaru EZ30 flat-six installed with Triumph Speed Triple 1050i individual throttle bodies and custom 3D printed intake manifolds.

1974 Porsche 914 With A Subaru EZ30

The engine runs off a custom wiring harness that was mated to the factory chassis harness without modifying it. The subframe was built by Performance Fabrication. The transmission is a 2006 Impreza RS transmission converted to 2WD only.

1974 Porsche 914 With A Subaru EZ30

Still left to complete on the project is the cooling system, exhaust system, ECU tune, and several other “odds and ends”. To the right builder this would be an amazing project. For more details and contact information please visit the source link.

Source: Bay Area Riders (ad listing)

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