Honda Element J-Series Swap Kit

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Honda only sold the Element with a 2.4 L K24 inline-four and if you want more power then it’s either boost or more displacement. For those that prefer displacement Mini Tec is working on a swap kit to install a J30 or J35 V6. The kit will include an adapter plate, engine mounts, and some other components. You can get a sense of quality and price range by viewing their Miata swap kit.

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Source: Mini Tec


  1. David

    I would really really love to see something like this for the first gen RD1 CR-V I really want to do a J swap awd manual transmission in mine. I mean mime is already awd and manual transmission but I really want a J series in my CR-V it would cost probably less than building the b20B high comp motor I have in it for boost and then actually boosting it versus just dumping what should have always been an option in the CR-V. A V6 and the J series are nearly next to bullet proof. Only issues they ever have is a few models have some issues with piston rings I think select first gen pilots and second gen odysseys and certain accords.

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