240SX with LSx

This pro-street style 240SX appears to have a LSx with T-56 six speed. Commenters over at Speedhunters have said this car runs a stock LS1 and is getting mid 12’s in the 1/4. Source: Speedhunters

Nissan 240SX with RB25

This Nissan 240SX with a RB25 was apparently at Formula D in Seattle. If anyone has some more information please let us know. Update: Thanks to our readers who corrected us on the engine being a RB25 and following up with more information. Source: Cardomain blog

S15 with Supra 2JZ

When Driftworks decided they needed a new car they decided to use the trusted S15 platform and the bulletproof Toyota 2JZ engine. This project was very difficult taking roughly 18 months. Just about every component on the car had to have some custom work on it. Using 15.9 psi, the engine is putting out 569 … Read more

2JZ-GTE Powered Nissan 240SX

Over at the Nissan forum NicoClub this 1997 S14 has a 2JZ-GTE power plant swap which is putting out 330 rwhp. The owner claims to have around $25K spent into the car and is looking to sell. The car has a R154 5 speed trans, upgraded clutch and intercooler. Check the forum post for the … Read more

600HP Super 240Z

Mark Rolston has owned the same 240Z for ten years. He obviously has used that time to build one of the nicest 240Z on earth. After breaking the original engine in the 240 Mark decided his new engine would be the ever great RB26DETT from a Nissan Skyline GTR and in the current configuration is … Read more