For Sale: 1989 240SX with RB25

Here is a nice RB25 powered 1989 240SX for sale in Illinois. The owner claims the car makes 411 horsepower to the wheels on 17 psi of boost. Owner is looking for $10,000 OBO. Source: NoRotors

Nissan S15 with Mazda 20B Motor

This S15, named Sublime, has a turbocharged three rotor Mazda 20B. The large turbo is a GT47R and helps the engine produce 705 horsepower. The transmission is a Supra R154 five speed. The project took three years and $90,000. If anyone else knows more please comment. Source: Autoholics and Free Style Rides

For Sale: S13 or S14 V8 Swap Kit

If have been wanting to swap a V8 into your 1st or 2nd generation 240SX you are in luck. A member on is selling a complete kit to swap a V8 into your 240SX for $2K OBO. The member lives in California. Source: Zilvia