1976 VW Bus 4×4 with a Mid-engine Rover V8

This 1976 Volkswagen Bus is being built by a creative Australian into an four-wheel drive vehicle powered by a 1995 3.9 L Rover V8. The engine will be located in the middle of the Bus behind the front seats and will be connected to a five-speed from a Toyota HiAce diesel and a transfer case … Read more

1962 VW Bus with a Mid-engine V8

1962 VW Bus With Blown Mid-engine V8

Ken Prather had a strong desire to build a mid-engine hot rod. He found the basis for his project in a 1962 Volkswagen Type-2 Microbus in decent shape for sale. The first thing he did after buying the bus was chop the roof. After that he went to work installing the supercharged 355 ci small-block … Read more

VW Vanagon with Porsche 911 Engine

Autofiends posted an quick post about a VW Vanagon that the writer believes was a 911 Porsche engine swap. After doing some research I was able to find MSDS, a company that specifically sells kits to swap a 3.2L Porsche 911 engine into a VW Vanagon. I also found a nice website that lists a … Read more

VW Bus with Porsche Turbo Engine

What if your Porsche 911 just doesn’t have enough leg room for you, your kids, and some groceries? But you still like getting around to your errands lighting turbo quick. Well if you have lots of money and I do mean lots, you can get the best of both worlds. TH Automobile will take a … Read more