VW Golf Mk2 with a 600 hp Turbo Inline-Four

VW Golf Mk2 with a 2.0 L TFSI Inline-Four

This Volkswagen Golf race car was built for Karl Schagerl to compete in European hill climb competitions. Powering the Golf is a 2.0 TFSI inline-four built by Ramler Motorsport in Grafendorf, Austria. The company improved the Mk5 Golf based engine with forged internals, dry sump system, custom exhaust manifold and the direction injection replaced with … Read more

The Racing Monster Called Bugzilla

Bugzilla 1970 VW Bug with a supercharged Ecotec inline-four

The Volkswagen Beetle’s design, weight, and abundant numbers makes it a popular choice for racing. Sean Mckillop agreed when he purchased a 1970 Bug five years ago and transformed it into the autocross monster called Bugzilla. Sean’s goal from the beginning was a street-legal race car with a mid-engine layout. This meant the factory chassis … Read more

Lupo with Two W12 Engines Update

VW Lupo with Two W12 Engines

Over the summer Andre Pötsch debuted his crazy 12.0 L twin-engine Lupo. In our previous article Andre was still working on the car. The Lupo is powered by two 6.0 L W12 engines taken from the VW Phaeton. Together the engines produce 888 horsepower and 826 lb-ft of torque. The engine use manual transmissions with … Read more

VW Caddy with a Mid-Engine Volvo Turbo Inline-Five

1988 Volkswagen Caddy with a Volvo turbo inline-five

In 2007 Marty Cronvall wanted to build a race car from a 1988 Volkswagen Caddy. He began by building a custom tube chassis in his garage in Bjärred, Sweden. Propelling the Caddy is a 2.0 L B5204T inline-five from a Volvo 850 T5 wagon that makes 500 horsepower thanks to a Garett GT3782 turbocharger. The … Read more

VW Rabbit with a Mid-Engine Audi V8

1984 VW Rabbit with a Mid-Engine Audi V8

This unique 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit was built by DM Motorsport in L’Epiphanie, Quebec. Sitting behind the driver is an all-aluminum 4.2 L V8 and six-speed manual transmission from a 2004 Audi S4. The engine produces 350 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque in a vehicle that weighs 1100 kg (2425 lb). They installed the engine … Read more

VW Type 2 with a Porsche Flat-Six

VW Type 2 with a Porsche 911 Flat-Six

Projects of love never have a finishing point as there is always a desire to make it better. Take for example this 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 owned by the same Finnish gentleman since 1991. Over that time the Bus saw many changes. The most recent iteration has the Bus powered by a built Porsche 911 … Read more