VW Golf with Audi 2.5L Turbocharged I5

Volkswagen will enter a Golf in the 2011 24 hours of Nürburgring. The AWD Golf will be powered by an Audi 2.5L turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine found in the Audi TT RS. The engine has been upgraded to produce around 440 horsepower and 398 lbs-ft of torque. The Golf will also be equipped with a … Read more

Subaru Engines for the VW Vanagon

Vanaru is a shop which specializes only in Subaru engine swaps in VW Vanagons. The engines they offer are the EJ22, (2.2 liter 135 hp 4-cylinder), the EJ25 (2.5 liter 165 hp 4-cylinder), and the EG33 (3.3 liter 230 hp 6-cylinder). You are able to get these swaps in two ways, you can drive your … Read more

VW Beetle with Zoom-Zoom

This VW Beetle with a Mazda 13B NA rotary swap was seen at the Bug-In event at the Autoclub Speedway and did a mid 12’s run at the drag strip. Speedhunters pointed out how sleeper this thing is and I would have to agree. Source: SpeedHunters

Videos of Twin Engine VW Lupo

VW Lupo with two VR6 engines

We wrote about this amazing Volkswagen Lupo with two VR6 engines in 2007. Since then the owner has raced it at several events. Below are videos we found of the amazing twin-engine Lupo. You can also read more about the project on the build thread. Source: LupoW12 via Jalopnik

VW Beetle with a Turbo 5.3 L V8

A member off LS1Tech forums created a VW Beetle which is powered by a turbocharged 5.3 L V8 engine. Boost is provided by a Master Power T70 turbocharger. The engine runs off a Megasquirt ECU and a MSD 6010. The Bug sits on a custom boxed frame that was made previously for a smaller engine. … Read more

Karmann Ghia with a Porsche 993 Engine

While doing research I came across an old Jalopnik article about Bader Racing putting a Porsche 993 engine in a VW Karmann Ghia. The engine has a few upgrades giving the car around 321 horsepower. The body is stiffened a little bit to handle the extra power by adding a roll cage. Jalopnik reports the … Read more