Nissan 200SX with a VR38DETT

Nissan 200SX with a 3.8 L VR38DETT V6

For several seasons professional drifter Francesco Conti has competed in Drift GP with his unique Nissan 200SX. We have featured videos of the car testing here and here. What makes the car so wild is the upgraded 3.8 L VR38DETT V6 under the hood connected to a Tractive RD90 sequential transmission. The engine produces 1,000 … Read more

Nissan S13 with a GTR Powertrain

Nissan S13 with a RB25-30 and GTR drivetrain

Jason Ruby has been running a GTR engine in his Nissan Silvia for several years. However he realized to take the car to the next level he needed to convert to an AWD system. Under the hood sits a 3.0 L RB-series inline-six consisting of a RB25 head and RB30 block. It produces 872 horsepower … Read more

Nissan S13 with a Turbo VG30 V6

Nissan S13 with a Turbo VG30 V6

Danish drifter Anders Scharff has been hard at work finishing his Nissan S13 200SX project at AS-Motorsport. Between the front wheels is a rebuilt 3.0 L VG30DETT V6 from a Nissan 300ZX. The engine should produce 450-500 horsepower thanks to 850 injectors and a single Precision turbocharger. The transmission is a RS5R30A five-speed manual from … Read more

Nissan S13 with a Blown 1UZ V8

Nissan S13 with a supercharged 1UZ-FE V8

Jase Brown is a professional drifter who competes in the Pro-Sport Series of D1NZ. For several years Jase has compete in his Nissan S13 that was powered by a 2.0 L SR20DET inline-four. The engine was producing a lot of power but it was also being pushed to its breaking point. To keep being competitive … Read more