Hartley V12

Hartley 5.0 L 1GZ V12

Last year we shared Jaron Olivecrona’s amazing V12 powered Nissan S14 drift machine. The 5.0 L V12 is based on the Toyota 1GZ-FE and built by Hartley Engines in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The engine uses mostly custom or aftermarket parts only retaining the block casting, head casting, crank, and timing chains. The naturally aspirated … Read more

Custom Inline-Sixteen from Four Volvo Engines

1934 Herkules Inline-Sixteen

Pelle Söderström is a very talented engineer in Sweden. He always loved building things since he was a boy and dreamed one day of building a custom vehicle called “1934 Herkules” inspired from 1930’s designs. Pelle started on the project by building the World’s fist 8.1 L inline-sixteen. At the core of the engine is … Read more

Twin-Turbo 2.8 L V8 Makes 732 Horsepower

JFC-V8 twin-turbo 2.8 L V8

Last year we wrote about JFC Racing purchasing Hartley’s 3.0 L Bolt V8 designs and developed their own version called the JFC-V8. In that same article we shared they were building a twin-turbo version for a Lola B12/80 LMP2 chassis to compete in NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Last week the company shared pictures of … Read more

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines Update

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal shared the progress on his custom 1.6 L inline-five he is building from two Suzuki Hayabusa engines in his garage in Sandefjord, Norway. Since the previous article he finished work on the cylinder head. Bjørnar is still working on the block which will require an iron sleeve in the #4 cylinder. When finished … Read more