1970 Nova With A Cummins 4BT Diesel

This is the most unique Nova build I have ever seen. The builder took a 1970 Nova SS and swapped a turbocharged Cummins 4BT diesel outputting over 800 lb-ft of torque and “one hundred something” horsepower. The builder continued with a semi truck theme which is why you see the CB radio, eight-lug truck wheels, … Read more


1966 Nova Wagon with Twin Turbo Duramax

Diesel engines are finding themselves in more engine swap projects recently. Here we have a 1966 Nova Wagon with a massive Duramax 6.6L V8 stuffed under the hood. The engine came out of a rolled 2006 Chevy 1-ton truck. With the engine taking up most of the room under the hood, the single factory turbo … Read more

Rotary Powered 1974 Nova

Take a look at this Chevrolet Nova being powered by a Mazda 13B-RE rotary engine. The engine currently outputs 456 RWHP @ 21 psi. The Nova is about 240 pounds lighter then a stock RX-7.

1968 Nova with LS1 for Sale

A member over at LS1tech.com is selling his 1968 Nova for $26,900. The car has a 450 horsepower LS1 and does 11.6 second runs down the quarter mile. If you are interested head over to his sale thread to read about all the over upgrades.

1963 Nova Wagon with LS3

The Cota Brothers have recently completed installation of a LS3 in a 1963 Nova Wagon. The stock clip and steering box was used as well as equal length headers and power brakes. No sheet metal was cut to install motor or 4l65E transmission. All together the Nova weighs 2985 pounds. Without a tune the motor … Read more