BMW E21 with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

BMW E21 with a Turbo 2JZ Inline-Six

Marek WartaƂowicz drifts his custom BMW E21 for the STW Drift Team. The car was built in two years by Marek and the team at STW Center in Warsaw, Poland. The car rides on a tubular chassis with a custom independent suspension and E36 M3 disc brakes. The team reduced the car’s weight thanks to … Read more

For Sale: BMW E21 with a 3S-GE BEAMS Black Top

1983 BMW 320i with a 2.0 L BEAMS inline-four

This 1983 BMW 320i is for sale on eBay located in Urbana, Illinois. The factory M10 inline-four went boom so the owner replaced it with a 2.0 L 3S-GE “Black Top” inline-four and six-speed manual transmission. The engine is controlled by a Adaptronic e420d ECU and the owner states it could still “use some tuning” … Read more

Group 5 Inspired BMW E21

Elan Motorsport Group 5 BMW E21 with a turbo M50 inline-six

Richard Pykett is a personal insurance salesman by day but a race car engineer by night. Out of his garage in Auckland, New Zealand Richard is transforming a BMW E21 into a race car inspired by Faltz Motorsport’s Group 5 BMW E21. When finished the car will be powered by a built 2.5 L M50 … Read more