Piaggio Ape 50 with a Honda CBR600 Inline-Four

Piaggio Ape 50 with a CBR600 inline-four

The Piaggio Ape three-wheeled light commercial vehicle produced since 1948. A popular modification is swapping the weak engines for much larger motorcycle engines. Gianmarco Gentili owned a Piaggio Ape 50 and after seeing videos of these little beasts racing he decided to build his own in seven months. Gianmarco started by building his own custom … Read more

Custom Reverse Trike with a Kubota Turbo Diesel

Custom reverse trike with a Kubota turbo diesel inline-four

Head Turner Customs really enjoys building motorcycles with diesel engines. Their previous project was a AWD motorcycle with a hydrostatic twin-turbo diesel. Since then they have started another powered but this time is a reverse trike. The project started as a two-wheel motorcycle layout but after the it fell over it took three men and … Read more

EJ Potter’s Widowmaker 7 Motorcycle

EJ Potter's Widowmaker 7 Chevy V8 powered motorcycle

The fastest motorcycle in 1973 as confirmed by Guinness World Records was this 1971 “Widowmaker 7” drag bike. It was built by EJ Potter aka “Michigan Madman”. This was the last of the Chevy V8 powered motorcycles he built. The first three were called Bloody Mary 1-3 while the next four were called Widowmaker 4-7. … Read more

Four-wheeled Slingshot with a LS3

Four-wheeled Polaris Slingshot with a LS3 V8

Alpha Powersport built the ultimate Polaris Slingshot. The factory Slingshot comes with a inline-four and only three wheels. This particular version has been upgraded with a 6.2 L LS376/525 which produces 525 horsepower and a four wheel conversion. Alpha sells the four wheel conversion for $10K and the V8 conversion about $30K-$35K. This modified Slingshot … Read more

Custom Motorcycle with a Mercedes Diesel

Custom Motorcycle with a Mercedes inline-four diesel

Josh Krager had a 1968 Mercedes diesel inline-four sitting around and after his friends bet he couldn’t make a motorcycle out of it, he decided to prove him wrong. Then 90 days later Josh had a functional motorcycle and some surprised friends. I believe the motor is either a 2.0 L or 2.2 L OM615 … Read more