For Sale: 1974 MGB with a 383 ci Chevy V8

1974 MGB with a 383 ci Chevy V8

This 1974 MGB is for sale in Yulee, Florida with a $22,500 asking price. Under the hood sits a 383 ci Chevy V8 connected to a Turbo 350 automatic transmission and Ford 8″ rear end. The green sports car rides on a ladder bar rear suspension with adjustable coilovers. Source: Craigslist (click here if ad … Read more

Hot Rod Garage Swaps a Ford V8 into a MGB

1964 MGB with a Ford 5.0 L V8

Tony and Lucky from Hot Rod Garage decide to swap some American torque into a light British chassis. They started with a 1964 MGB race car with fiberglass panels that weighs 1,260 lb without an engine and transmission. Then they will power the little roadster with a 5.0 L V8 and five-speed manual transmission from … Read more

For Sale: 1980 MGB with a Rover V8

1980 MGB with a 4.6 L Rover V8

This 1980 MGB Limited Edition is for sale on eBay in Hebron, Ohio with a starting price of $15,000. This small roadster was upgraded to a 4.6 L Rover V8 by Andy’s Auto who specialize in MG V8 conversions. The engine was built with an forged 9.75:1 pistons, Isky Racing camshaft, valve work, high volume … Read more

For Sale: MGB with a Beetle Engine in the Trunk

1963 MGB with an air-cooled flat-four

This 1963 MGB is for sale in Cleveland, Ohio with an asking price of $4000. At some point in the car’s history the factory inline-four was removed and a Volkswagen air-cooled flat-four was installed in the trunk. The owner doesn’t state the engine size or much else besides it is running a manual transmission. Source: … Read more

For Sale: 1973 MGB GT with a Twin-Turbo 1JZ

1973 MGB GT with a twin-turbo 1JZ inline-six

This 1973 MGC GTS tribute race car is for sale on Bring A Trailer located in Norwood, Massachusetts. The car is built on a 1973 MGB GT body and chassis for HPDE, time attack, and other track events. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo 2.5 L 1JZ inline-six taken from a 1990 JDM Supra. The … Read more

For Sale: 1966 MGB with a Ford V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

This 1966 MGB is for sale in Tennessee with an asking price of $21,500. The car is powered by a Ford 302 crate motor that produces 345 horsepower which is a lot more than the factory B-series inline-four made. The drivetrain consists of a Ford Racing T5 five-speed manual transmission and narrowed Chevy S-10 10-bolt … Read more