1979 MG Midget with a Honda V4

1979 MG Midget with a Honda Magna V4

Very few projects start with a racing harness however that is exactly how Chuck Bridgman’s project began. He found an old RJS racing harness for eight dollars at a swap meet and decided to build a sports car around it. After searching for a while he purchased a 1979 MG Midget on Craigslist with a … Read more


MG Midget with a Ford 5.0 L V8

MG Midget with a Ford 5.0 L V8

Ron Hourigan has raced late model Ford stock cars for 40 years. He has also loved MGBs for the same length of time including owning 10 of them. So it was natural that he wanted to combine what he saw was the best of each into his ultimate project. Ron searched for a MGB to … Read more

MG Midget with a 13B Rotary

1978 MG Midget with a 13B Rotary

This 1978 MG Midget project started project started after it was submerged in a flood very close to being restored. Obviously this would discourage a lot of owners but not this builder. Instead he decide to go in a completely different direction and make a custom track monster. The factory 1493 cc engine (50-65 hp) … Read more

1972 MG Midget with a 4A-GE

1972 MG Midget with a Toyota 4A-GE inline-four

This 1972 MG Midget was built in 2010 to compete in time trails, track days, and hill climb races. It was even the 2014 hill climb champion in the NEHA P4 class. Powering the 1,450 lb car is a 1.6 L Toyota 4A-GE inline-four. With two Weber 45COE carburetors and 272 degree camshafts it produces … Read more

Wreck Racing’s 2JZ Powered MG

Wreck Racing's 2JZ Powered 1969 MG Midget

Wreck Racing is a student run automotive club at Georgia Tech that enters the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge every year. Each year since 2012 they have entered a 1969 MG Midget powered by a 2JZ. The MG runs a GM TH350 automatic transmission, Ford 8.8 diff, Miata front suspension and custom three-link rear suspension. In 2013 … Read more