RB26 Powered Drag Miata Almost Crashes

Mazda Miata with a turbo RB26 inline-six

The Mazda Miata in the video below comes close to hitting the wall several times. At the end of the video the driver explains the 2.6 L RB26 inline-six got too hot waiting to race and the core plug blew out spilling coolant on one of the rear tires during the race. The Miata previously … Read more

NASA Spec LS1 Miata at Infineon

This is a great video of a LS1 powered Miata racing at Infineon in the Super Unlimited class. The driver explains he obtained a penalty in qualifying which forced the him to begin the race in the back. Grab some some good headphones and experience 19 minutes and 22 seconds of awesomeness. Source: LS1Tech

RB25 Powered Mazda Miata

The first upgrade to the Miata was a turbo kit. That could only add so much power. Then the owner upgraded the car with a donation of a blown RB25 from a friend’s drift 240SX. The engine is a RB25DET from a Nissan R34 NEO Skyline. With the Garrett turbo, the engine is putting out … Read more

Mazda Miata with LS1

This 1995 Mazda Miata has a 2001 LS1 [original link no longer exists: http://www.v8rx7forum.com/showthread.php?58532-95-Miata-LS1] with a T-56 six speed transmission. [image link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata_files/Media/IMG_0004/IMG_0004.jpg] [image link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata_files/Media/IMG_0026/IMG_0026.jpg] More images can be seen here [original link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata.html]

Wreck Racing’s 1UZ-FE V8 Powerd Miata

Wreck Racing Mazda Miata with a Toyota 1UZ V8

Wreck Racing is a student run automotive club at Georgia Tech. The team is comprised of undergraduate students all from different majors such as mechanical engineers, computer science majors, and electrical engineers. Each year Wreck Racing enters the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge. Each team can only spend the amount of money equal to the year it … Read more