AWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo VR6 Update

AWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo VR6

A couple of weeks ago we shared this special Suzuki Swift from Poland. The car is powered by turbocharged 3.0 L VR6 built by MK2 VRT connected to an AWD drivetrain capable of 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.29 seconds. The team just finished their first competition and the Swift went 10.427 sec at 210.03 … Read more

AWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo VR6

AWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo VR6

MK2 VRT is a company in Chwaszczyno, Poland that specializes in powerful VR6 engines such as the one found in this 1010 hp AWD Golf. The owner of this Suzuki Swift wanted a similarly powerful engine and drivetrain work. So MK2 VRT built the Swift a turbocharged 3.0 L VR6 (3.2 L block/ 2.8 L … Read more

K-Swift Back at the Track

Suzuki Swift with a 2.0 L K20

Kevin Stittle took his K-Swift back to the track and Dave from Speed Academy was there to test drive it. Since our previous article Kevin upgraded the brakes and tossed the welded axles for some Driveshaft Shop custom Honda axles. The new axles should take the abuse of the 238 whp from from the 2.0 … Read more

RWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo Inline-Four

RWD Suzuki Swift with a Turbo G13B inline-four

This Suzuki Swift project started in 2010 when the Swedish owner deciding that he wanted a turbocharged engine sending power to the rear wheels instead of the front. To carry out his goal the owner needed to build the car from the ground up and register it as an “amateur build vehicle” to pass regulations. … Read more

K-Swift at the Track

Suzuki Swift with a 2.0 L K20

The last time we saw the K-Swift Dave from Speed Academy bumped into a track wall after the front brakes were lost. Well the issue appears to be solved and owner Kevin Stittle decided to take it back the track. Kevin also upgraded a lot of the car such as better brakes, AEM digial dash, … Read more

K-Swift Test Drive and Accident

Suzuki Swift with a Honda 2.0 L K20

Dave from Speed Academy took Kevin Stittle’s Suzuki Swift out for a test drive at Toronto Motorsports Park. If you are unfamiliar with this project it is powered by a 2.0 L Honda K20 inline-four and has a lot of carbon fiber parts. While the test drive was exciting and fast the little racer suffered … Read more