1926 Ford Convertible with a Mazda Miata Engine

1926 Ford Convertible with a 1.8 L Mazda Miata Engine

This is a custom 1926 Ford Model T convertible was built six years ago by Roy Rockwell. The design took inspiration taken from Bo Jones’ famous modified-style T. The steel body was narrowed 8 1/2 inches and put on a hand built Model T chassis built from rectangular tubing. Power comes from a 1.8 L … Read more

Twin Motor 1927 Model T Roadster

1927 Model T Roadster with twin V8 engines

SEMA is off to its normal crazy start. This probably wouldn’t be considered an engine swap since most of this build is completely custom but hey we are talking about a light roadster with twin engines! This twin engine 1927 Roadster is owned and built by Gordon Tronson. The chassis is custom, built from 1.5 … Read more