Diesel Camaro Towed by 50 Tons and 90 Feet of Military Power

MK48-15 towing another MK48-15 and diesel powered Camaro

Nathan Mueller from One of Won drove his Duramax powered 5th Generation Camaro to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up a MK48 Front Power Unit. These are part of a Logistics Vehicle System which are eight-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles used by the United States Marine Corps. The MK48 is powered by a turbocharged 450 hp Detroit … Read more


Custom Twin-engine Army Truck

Custom Twin 454 V8 engine Army M3 half-track truck

This wild creation is some type of custom Army hot rod built from a M3 half-track. The body has been chopped and lowered on a Military truck chassis. The truck is powered by two 454 ci V8 engines and each is connected to its own transmission and drives a separate axle. If anyone knows who … Read more