Frankenbenz Update

Mercedes 190E on a C63 AMG chassis

We first shared Piper Motorsport‘s amazing Frankenbenz project in 2015. The project’s lofty goal was wrap a Mercedes 190E body around a C63 AMG chassis. Thus giving the classic sedan AMG’s amazing 6.2 L M156 V8, SpeedShift seven-speed transmission, suspension, brakes, and electronics. The company recently installed a supercharger, finished body/paint and is working on … Read more

Mercedes 190E with a Judd V8

Mercedes 190E with a Judd V8

Team Meisel Motorsport competes in European hill climb with their Judd V8 powered Mercedes SLK340. However before the SLK340 they competed in their famous Mercedes 190 RM1 V8. The W201 was powered by a 3.5 L Judd V8 from a 1990 Brabham F1 race car connected to a Hewland six-speed sequential transmission. The 90-degree V8 … Read more

Mercedes 190E with a Supercharged Inline-Four

Mercedes 190E with a supercharged M111 inline-four

What should you do if your Mercedes 190E (W201) still looks good but the inline-four is getting long in the tooth? Tuning Kingz Shop in Poland solved that problem by using an engine from a Mercedes 230 Kompressor (W202). They replaced the 190E’s tired 1.8 L M102 inline-four that made 107 horsepower with the supercharged … Read more

Mercedes 190 with a Twin-Turbo Chevy V8

Mercedes 190 W201 with a twin-turbo Chevy V8

Börje Palmgren took his very powerful Mercedes 190 to Maxxtuning in Vrigstad, Sweden for dyno tuning. Under the German sedan’s hood sits a Chevy 350 ci V8 with two Holset HX50 turbochargers. Running on a MaxxECU V1 and E85 fuel, the engine produces a total of 1,627 hp or 1,347 whp at 6,834 rpm. Below … Read more

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C63 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Piper Motorsport has built a Frankenstein Benz by installing a everything from a C63 AMG including engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, brakes, fire wall, dash and electronics into a mid-80’s Mercedes 190E. Simply put they are dropping the body on a C63 AMG W204 chassis. The 6.2 L M156 V8 was developed exclusively by AMG. This … Read more