For Sale: 1972 Challenger with a Chevy V8 and 4×4 Chassis

1972 Challenger with a Chevy V8 and 4x4 Chassis

This 1972 Dodge Challenger is for sale in Union City, California with an asking price of $28,000. The classic rides on a rides on a 1977 General Motors M1009 4×4 chassis. Under the hood sits a 5.7 L Chevy V8 with long tube headers, Quick Fuel carbuertor, high-rise intake manifold, and new radiator, alternator, fuel … Read more


2011 Challenger Drag Pak with a Viper V10

2011 Mopar Drag Pak Challenger with a Viper V10

In October 2006 Dodge unveiled their Challenger Drag Pak concept at SEMA. The program allowed customers to buy a turn-key race car directly from a manufacturer that would seriously compete at the drag racing. For the first two production years (2009 and 2010) the engines were varying displacement HEMI V8s but Dodge has something special … Read more

Challenger with a Turbo LSx

2010 Challenger with a turbo LSx

Someone in Northern Illinois has taken a salvaged 2010 Dodge Challenger from a theft recovery and given it new life at the drag strip. Under the hood sits a LSx V8 connected to a large 106 mm Precision turbocharger. No exact word on power but considering it went 8.96 sec at 154.3 mph the engine … Read more

1970 Dodge Challenger with a LSx

1970 Dodge Challenger with a Mast Motorsports LS3 416 V8

Karl Dunn asked his good friend and owner of JCG Restorations & Customs Chris Gonzalez to turn his 1970 Challenger into a road course warrior. Karl traded his 2007 Saleen Mustang for the Challenger after removing the Mast Motorsports LS3 416 which had been powering the Mustang and replacing it with the factory engine. The … Read more

Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept

Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept

Dodge is sending three Challengers to SEMA this year. One of the three is the Challenger SRT10 concept which has a swapped Viper V10 engine. The Viper V10 produces around 600 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque. The brakes and suspension get an upgrade as well. Of course there is no telling if Dodge planning … Read more