RWD Integra with a Mid-Engine NSX V6 Update

RWD Honda Integra with a mid-engine NSX C30 V6

We first wrote about Speed Science’s unique NSX-powered Honda Integra last year. Since then they completed the swap and took it to the dyno where the 3.0 L C30A V6 made 300 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel. It seems some throttle body issues might have held the engine back some. You … Read more

2001 Integra with a Supercharged K-Series

2001 Integra with a Supercharged K20/24

This 2001 Honda Integra Type R was built by BYP Racing to compete in World Time Attack Championship Open Class. Under the hood sits a BYP Racing built Stage 2 K-series inline-four that produces 470 horsepower on E85 fuel. The engine features a K24 block, forged internals, ported K20 Type R head, Stage 2 camshafts, … Read more

RWD Honda Integra with a Mid-Engine NSX V6

Honda Integra with a mid-engine NSX C30 V6

Speed Science in New Zealand is currently building a RWD Honda Integra DC2 Type R with the entire powertrain from a Honda NSX installed in the back. This means the 3.0 L C30 V6, six-speed manual transmission, and subframe are being carried over. There are still a few things needed before it starts testing in … Read more

Honda Integra with a Nissan RB25

Honda Integra with a turbo Nissan RB25

While searching Facebook for new projects I found a post showing a listing for a Honda Integra DB8 sedan with a turbocharged Nissan RB25 inline-six. The engine has been upgraded with RB26 internals, Audi R8 coilpacks, Greddy intake, and Nismo 555 injectors. Running on a PowerFC ECU and a Holset HX35 at 23.2 psi (1.6 … Read more