For Sale: 2003 Ford F-250 with a Cummins 24v Inline-Six

2003 Ford F-250 with a Cummins 24v Inline-Six

This 2003 Ford F-250 is for sale on eBay in Bloomington, Illinois with a buy-it-now price of $26,000. Under the hood you will find a 2006 Cummins 5.9 L 24v inline-six connected to a PPE Stage 5 Allison five-speed automatic transmission. They installed the engine and transmission using a Destroked swap kit including mounts, adapter … Read more


Ford F-250 with a Mercedes Diesel Inline-Six

Seventh-generation Ford F-250 with Mercedes OM606 diesel

Diesel Pump UK is located in Elvington, York, United Kingdom and specializes on working with the Mercedes OM602, OM603, OM605, or OM606 engines. Take for example this seventh-generation Ford F-250 which they swapped the tired factory 420 ci International Harvester IDI diesel V8 for a Mercedes 3.0 L OM606 diesel inline-six. The engine produces around … Read more