Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 Inline-Four

Lotus Exige with a Turbo K24 inline-four

This Lotus Exige is piloted by Dawie Joubert in hill climb racing in South Africa. Dawie replaced the factory engine with a turbocharged Honda K24 inline-four. After setting the record the team turned the boost up to 750+ horsepower which was a little too much. The engine failed and the 800 kg (1,763 lb) race … Read more

Lotus Exige with a Ferrari V8

1999 Lotus Exige with a 3.5 L Ferrari F355 V8

A light great handling chassis with a high-revving V8 makes for a great track car. This 1999 Lotus Exige S1 project is currently for sale with an asking price of £49,950 ($62,037). While looking at the photos I thought the project looked familiar and it turns out we wrote about it a year ago. Back … Read more

Lotus Exige with a Ferrari F355 V8

Lotus Exige with a Ferrari F355 V8

Many builders choose a Lotus vehicle as a great foundation for a build because of its lightweight construction and great handling characteristics. The owner of this project was thinking the same thing when building his own amazing track day car. The project started in April 2014 when the owner was looking at a Mk1 Esprit … Read more

Lotus Exige with a BMW V10

Lotus Exige with a BMW 5.0 L S85 V10

Whether it is the sound, low-end torque, high-end RPMs, or some combination, people fall in love with certain engines. Johan Zackrisson became fascinated with the BMW V10 ever since he installed one in his E30 M3. That experience left him wanting to build something a little bit more extreme around another BMW V10. Johan started … Read more

Lotus Exige With A Golf Mk5 GTI Engine

McChip-DKR is a tuning company in Germany and recently had this Lotus Exige on they dyno to test their upgrades. The car was built by Komo-Tec with a 2.0 L VW TFSI inline-four from a Golf Mk 5. The engine’s power has been increased to 404 horsepower and 465 Nm of torque thanks to a … Read more