Holden Colorado with a LSA V8

Holden Colorado with a supercharged LSA V8

This is Steve Kildey’s special Holden Colorado he built at his company Killa Kustom Kables & Conversions in Clontarf, Queensland. Steve’s Colorado is powered by a 6.2 L LSA V8 that makes 339 kW (455 horsepower) to the rear wheels while keeping the AWD system. If you would like your own Killarado, prices start at … Read more

Chevy Colorado with a 796 HP Turbo LQ4

Sloppy Mechanics 2005 Chevy Colorado with a Turbo LQ4 V8

This 2005 Chevy Colorado was built by Matt Happel at Sloppy Mechanics. The term “sleeper” tends to be overused on the internet but I am positive this truck qualifies. There is absolutely nothing on the exterior that would give you the impression it has almost 800 whp except for the exhaust exiting behind the front … Read more

2015 Chevy Colorado with a LS7

Roadster Shop 2015 Chevy Colorado with a LS7

The Roadster Shop always brings an amazing project to SEMA every year. Last year they brought their 1970 Rampage Camaro powered by a 750 horsepower LS7. This year they changed it up and built a serious off-road vehicle. The team will be unveiling their 2015 Chevy Colorado build at SEMA 2015. The project took three … Read more

Chevy Colorado with a Turbo Duramax Diesel

This Chevy Colorado was built by The Diesel Shop out of Miami, Florida. Under the hood they installed a long-block 6.6 L Duramax diesel V8 with the accompanying Allison six-speed automatic transmission. The engine runs a Garret GTX4202R turbocharger at 42 psi of boost and bigger injectors which help produce 660 horsepower and 1,125 ft-lb … Read more

Chevy Colorado With A LS9 And ZR1 Looks

If Chevrolet was ever going to make a Chevy Colorado ZR1 Edition this would be it. Under the hood sits a supercharged LS9 outputting 547 horsepower and 615 lb-ft of torque to the 12″ ZR1 tires. The owner finished off the frame-off build by adding ZR1 seats, a ZR1-style spoiler, and Jetstream Blue paint. Source: … Read more