Wildest MGB On Earth

Jason Shalders is building a FIA GT3 spec race car out of a 1966 MGB GT with a goal of setting the Nurburgring street-legal car lap record. To power this wild beast, Jason is taking a 4.0L Rover V8 and installing a pair of Lotus 4v heads. The Lotus heads will solve the one issue … Read more

1952 MG TD With A Subaru EJ22

I would never say any engine swap is “easy” but some have been completed so many times they are considered straight-forward. For example the very popular Subaru EJ22 into a VW Bettle is generally considered one of those “straight-forward” swaps. Thousands have been completed and you can find a lot of resources online. The EJ22 … Read more

MG A With A Harley-Davidson Engine

I came across this MG A with a 80 cubic-inch Harley-Davidson S&S motor while going through Power Tour photo galleries. I searched for more information on this but couldn’t find any. If anyone knows more please leave a comment or contact us. Source: Mothers Polish

MG Midget with Toyota Heart

The owner of this Midget put a lot of thought into which engine to pick. As his website states he wanted something that would still have the feel of the original engine. After much debate he finally decided on a 1991-1995 AE101 4A-GE “silvertop” which comes with 5 valves per cylinder and individual throttle bodies. … Read more