Update on the Wildest MGB on Earth

MGB GT3 with a twin-turbo Rover V8

Since we last wrote about Jason Shalders and APS Motorsports’ 1966 MGB GT GT3 race car they have continued to post progress on their Facebook page. The hood is now all one piece and most of the body seems complete with a coating of yellow paint. Race Engine Digest wrote a very detailed article on … Read more


Frontline Developments Build MGBs With Mazda Power

Frontline Developments MGB With Mazda Engines

Frontline Developments is a UK company that builds classic MGBs to modern standards. They start with a MGB and fully restore the body using new metal panels made from the original MG specs. Each panel gap is massaged until it has perfect gap spacing. After that they upgrade every component on the car with modern … Read more

Wreck Racing’s 2JZ Powered MG

Wreck Racing's 2JZ Powered 1969 MG Midget

Wreck Racing is a student run automotive club at Georgia Tech that enters the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge every year. Each year since 2012 they have entered a 1969 MG Midget powered by a 2JZ. The MG runs a GM TH350 automatic transmission, Ford 8.8 diff, Miata front suspension and custom three-link rear suspension. In 2013 … Read more

Razorback Racing’s V8 Powered MGB

Steve Griffiths of Razorback Racing built this MGB for $1,890 to compete in the Grassroots Motorsports $2014 challenge. The engine is a 408 ci Chevy V8 and helped the car set a quarter-mile in 11.2 seconds and place fourth overall in the competition. Source: Grass Roots Motorsports

Jay Leno’s 1952 MG TD

Jay Leno recently talked about his 1952 MG TD he purchased from David Stenmark. David found the car 40 years ago without an engine and decided the car would be rebuilt to go fast in a straight line. The engine he choose was a 350 ci SBC stroked to 383 ci which produces around 340 … Read more

Wildest MGB On Earth

Jason Shalders is building a FIA GT3 spec race car out of a 1966 MGB GT with a goal of setting the Nurburgring street-legal car lap record. To power this wild beast, Jason is taking a 4.0L Rover V8 and installing a pair of Lotus 4v heads. The Lotus heads will solve the one issue … Read more