Nissan Patrol with a R35 Powertrain

Nissan Patrol with a R35 Powertrain VR38DETT V6

This fifth generation (Y61) Nissan Patrol became famous after it was shown racing a Porsche 918 on The Grand Tour. The reason it was able to hold its own against the supercar is because underneath the body sits a GT-R powertrain. F Performance Garage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was tasked with taking everything out … Read more

Nissan Patrol with a Duramax Diesel V8

Nissan Patrol with a Duramax Diesel V8

If you plan on driving in deep snow you will need a strong 4×4 vehicle like this fourth generation Nissan Patrol Y60. Power comes from a 500 horsepower 6.6 L Duramax diesel V8 and is put to the snow covered ground through huge 46″ Mickey Thompson tires. Source: Fjallasport Facebook page

Nissan Patrol With A RB25DET

Nissan has been making Patrols for a long time. Only the fourth generation (Y60 1987–1997) featured a RB30 motor. A lot of owners swap the motor for one of its turbocharged brothers. Watch as this RB25DET swapped Patrol shows off by screaming around in the dirt. This video shows more fun being had by a … Read more