1990 Crown Victoria With A LQ9

This 1990 Ford Crown Victoria was built by Kibbetech in Simi Valley, California for owner Jon Baker. It features a 6.0 L LQ9 V8 and a 4L60E automatic transmission. The rearend is a limited-slip Ford 8.8″ with 3.55 gears. The wheelbase has been stretched two inches to accommodate the suspension upgrade. How many Crown Vics … Read more

2003 Crown Victoria With A Cobra Heart

When this 2003 Crown Vic was a police cruiser it housed a 4.6L SOHC V8 which didn’t produce the numbers many would expect. That’s why the new owner decided to install something with a little bit more power. The new motor starts with a 2004 4.6L iron block and includes Manley rods, Diamond low compression … Read more