2006 Caddy with a Golf R Inline-Four

2006 VW Caddy with a Golf R Turbo Inline-Four

This 2006 Volkswagen Caddy panel van is owned and built by Stephen Gibbons in the UK. The Caddy is powered by a 2.0 TSI inline-four from a Golf R Mk7. The engine makes 500+ horsepower thanks to a REVO IS38ETR turbocharger and Stage 3 tune on 97 RON fuel. The drivetrain is a Haldex 4-Motion … Read more


VW Caddy with a Mid-Engine Volvo Turbo Inline-Five

1988 Volkswagen Caddy with a Volvo turbo inline-five

In 2007 Marty Cronvall wanted to build a race car from a 1988 Volkswagen Caddy. He began by building a custom tube chassis in his garage in Bj√§rred, Sweden. Propelling the Caddy is a 2.0 L B5204T inline-five from a Volvo 850 T5 wagon that makes 500 horsepower thanks to a Garett GT3782 turbocharger. The … Read more

VW Caddy with an Audi V8 in the Bed

VW Caddy with a mid-engine Audi V8

The Volkswagen Caddy Mk1 came with a variety of small gasoline and diesel engines. However this Caddy built by Fly Garage in Poland is powered by an 4.2 L Audi V8 and manual transmission located in the bed making it a true mid-engine layout. Since the engine is the back the fuel tank was installed … Read more

Volkswagen Truck with a Ford V8

Volkswagen created this 1981 VW Caddy Sportruck by essentially taking a Golf MK1 and sticking a bed on it. Because of this it came with a small 1.5-1.8 L engine and FWD. The owner of this particular Caddy converted it to RWD and installed a much larger Ford Triton 5.4 L V8. The transmission is … Read more