New Saleen 302 Premium Race Motors

Saleen released a press release recently stating it will offer its high performance 302 crate engine. Upgrades include being bored and stroked to 5 liters, bigger injectors, upgraded aluminum heads and pistons, camshafts, connecting rods and crank. Packages are 390 horsepower for the NA version and 580 horsepower for the supercharged version. No word on … Read more

America Makes Worthless Engines?

Or that is at least what 62 motoring journalists from 30 countries has thought since 1999. The International Engine of the Year started in 1999 and votes on the 14 categories including the most coveted category, Engine of the Year. In the past 9 years an American company has made it only twice and both … Read more

LS9 Swap Potential?

Well it has been a while but GM has finally released details on the ZR1 Corvette with the new supercharged LS9. Since the engine wall has been strengthened the LS9 engine could preform better then previous LSx models for turbocharging. Tech sheets show it is 20% stronger then the LS3 engine. I am sure many … Read more

Ford’s New Turbo Engines

Ford will be releasing new 4 and 6 cylinder engines based off their Ecoboost technology. These engines are turbo charged and direct injected. The first engine will be debuting in the Lincoln MKS in 2009 and will feature a twin turbocharged V6. The V6 is estimated to make 340HP / 340T which is close performance … Read more

Audi Could Use Lambo Factory Swap

I don’t know if this falls under the traditional feeling of a swap seeing as this is factory based but it seems interesting Audi may use the same 5L V10 engine currently used in the Gallardo for its RS 5 model. The Lambo engine is capable of outputting 500 hp. Source: eGM Car Tech

Bentley Swaps First Veyron Engine

(image links to Veyron wiki page) We posed the question a while back and it seems Bentley stepped up to the plate first. There is no confirmation on if this car will be put in production but it seems there will be at least one Arnage using a 1K HP FI engine. I still hold … Read more