14.0 L LSx V16 on the Dyno

Sixteen Power LSx based 14.0 L V16

It’s been almost a year since Sixteen Power debuted their custom 14.0 L V16. The engine is basically two 7.0 L LS7 V8 mated together in a single block that accepts aftermarket heads and intakes. The engine with a mild tune with a mild camshaft made 1,103 horsepower and 1,115 lb-ft of torque on the … Read more

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines Update

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal shared the progress on his custom 1.6 L inline-five he is building from two Suzuki Hayabusa engines in his garage in Sandefjord, Norway. Since the previous article he finished work on the cylinder head. Bjørnar is still working on the block which will require an iron sleeve in the #4 cylinder. When finished … Read more

Devel Sixteen Quad-Turbo V16 Makes 5,007 hp

Steve Morris Engines quad-turbo V16

For many years Steve Morris has been working on a quad-turbo V16 engine for the Devel Sixteen supercar. The 748 ci (12,258 cc) V16 features a one-piece billet block, one-piece solid roller camshaft, crank (fires every 45 degrees), four heads, and four 81 mm turbochargers. Steve released a video two years ago when the engine … Read more

Civic Type R Crate Engine Program

Honda 2.0 L K20C1 turbo inline-four

Honda debuted their Civic Type R crate engine program at SEMA 2017. Honda will sell the turbocharged 2.0 L K20C1 inline-four for $6,519.87 to “U.S. grassroots and professional racers for verified, closed-course racing applications through the HPD Honda Racing Line program”. The engine produces 306 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a peak 295 lb-ft of … Read more

Garage Built F1 with a Custom Toyota V12 – Update 9

Home built F1 race car with a custom V12 from two Toyota 1JZ engines

Our favorite home-built V12 project is back with another update. Since our previous article the heads are finished, block machined, and pistons installed in the custom V12 made from two 1JZ inline-six engines. The owner also fixed a lot of small issues and leaks. The only thing left is the wiring harness Nth Moto is … Read more

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal is a talented engine builder from Sandefjord, Norway. He spends a lot of his time in his garage building Suzuki Hayabusa engines however in June he started work on a very unique project. Bjørnar is building a custom inline-five using two Hayabusa Gen 1 inline-four engines. The crankshaft is complete and the crankcase … Read more