Custom V12 From Two 1JZs Running – Update 11

Custom F1 hot rod with a V12 made from two 1JZ engines

Don Groff’s home-built V12 project is back with another update. This time we get another video of the amazing V12 running. For those who don’t remember the custom engine is made from two 1JZ inline-six engines. The engine runs on an EM Infinity ECU, ethanol fuel, and two Garrett GTX turbochargers. Source: Nicholas Tomsyck via … Read more


Quad-Turbo VK56 V8 Makes 1500 hp

Quad-Turbo VK56 V8

This powerful VK-series V8 called the VZR-60DEQT was built in 2010 by Nizpro Turbocharging in North Bayswater, Victoria, Australia for a 21-foot Force hull race boat. The engine features a 6.0 L displacement, magnesium intake with carbon fiber plenums, 12-liter oil sump with internal cooler, 1200 cc per minute injectors, two drive-by-wire throttle bodies, four … Read more

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines Update 3

Custom Inline-Five from Two Hayabusa Engines

Bjørnar Eskedal has finished building his custom 1.6 L inline-five from two Hayabusa inline-four engines. In our previous update he finished welding the block and camshaft together. Since that article Bjørnar has been very busy finishing the valve cover, balancing the crank, honing the cylinders, and modifying Mikuni TDMR carburetors to fit a factory 2nd … Read more