1969 Opel Commodore With A BMW E46 M3 Engine

Heikki Mattila's 1969 Opel Commodore With A BMW S54B32 Engine

Heikki Mattila is the owner/builder of this 1969 Opel Commodore and contacted us to share about this purpose built race car from Finland. Since this was built purely for racing everything in the car that didn’t help with forward momentum has been removed giving the car a weight of 2,396 lb (1,087 kg). Looking at … Read more

Erben Engineering’s Opel GT Track Monster

Erben Engineering's Opel GT with LS3 V8

Erben Engineering, located in Gro├čen Buseck, Germany, completed their Opel GT project we first mentioned back in March. The goal was to build a serious track car and it appears they achieved it. They started with a Opel GT (Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky) and replaced the factory 2.0L Ecotec with a 6.2L LS3 V8. Then they … Read more

Opel GT Powered By A LS3

Take a look at this very nice Opel GT (Saturn Sky in US) with a 550 horsepower LS3 motor specifically built to compete on the track. When you couple that level of power with a weight of only 2,425 lbs (1,100 kg) you will have something that should put down really great numbers. For more … Read more