Opel Kadett on a Corvette ZR-1 Chassis

Opel Kadett with a LT-5 V8

German race car driver and builder Hover Hovemann built his Opel Kadett C to race in European hill climb events. He installed the body over a C4 Corvette ZR-1 chassis and powertrain pulled from a wrecked Corvette. The ZR-1 came from GM with a 5.7 L LT-5 V8 engine designed by Lotus and built by … Read more

Opel Calibra Making 2,241 hp from Twin VR6 Engines

Opel Calibra Tsunami with Twin VR6 Engines

Mickey Garage recently overhauled their Opel Calibra called “Tsunami”. In 2015 the car produced 1,231 horsepower to the wheels from two VW VR6 engines. Although the team could increase the power it was the car’s other components that needed upgrading before significant increases could make it to the ground. Since our previous article the team … Read more

Opel GT with a Turbo 2JZ

Opel GT with a Turbo 2JZ inline-six

Polish drifter PaweĊ‚ Trela has continued to upgrade his Opel GT along with its appearance since 2013. Under the hood sits a 3.0 L 2JZ inline-six that produces 631-887 hp (640-900 KM) and 575-774 lb-ft (780-1050 Nm) thanks to a Garrett GTX3582R turbocharger, 1600 cc injectors, EMU ECU, and nitrous system. Behind the engine is … Read more

Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35 Update

1979 Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35 V6

We recently wrote about this Opel Kadett with a turbocharged J35 V6 being built by OakHeart Racing in Hokksund, Norway. Since then they have completed the engine build and started the engine for the first time. Source: OakHeart Racing FB page (build album)

Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35

1979 Opel Kadett with a Turbo J35 V6

This 1979 Opel Kadett was built by OakHeart Racing in Hokksund, Norway. The small coupe was powered by a turbocharged Volvo inline-four for several years. However the owner took it back to OakHeart Racing to install a 3.5 L Honda J35A3 V6 with a BorgWarner 42 mm turbocharger connected to a BMW 530D manual transmission … Read more

Opel Kadett with a Turbo M50

1967 Opel Kadett with a turbo M50 inline-six

This 1967 Opel Kadett B was built for Marcin Wittchen to compete in drifting in Poland. It rides on a custom chassis with brakes and suspension sourced from a Mazda MX-5 NC. Power comes from a BMW M50B25 inline-six stroked and bored to 2.9 liters. The engine features head porting, Garrett GT3076 turbocharger, and controlled … Read more