Ferrari 330 P4 Replica With A 575M Maranello V12

The Dupont Registry has written an amazing multi-part series about the Ferrari 330 P4 replica built by P4 by Norwood. Each car takes a full year to complete and looking through the build process it is easy to see why. The bodies are hand fabricated aluminum over a tubular space-frame. The bodies are so accurate … Read more

Ferrari 250 GTE with a Chevy 302 V8

This Ferrari 330 America 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE was photographed at a recent French and Italian car show. The body got it into the show but it was the heart that was turning heads and boiling blood. Under the hood sits a 375 horsepower, 302 ci Chevy V8 with a Viper T-56 six-speed transmission. The … Read more

Ferrari F355 with a Zytek V8

Ferraris are… well Ferraris. They don’t get modified. And if they do, they usually never receive an engine swap from another manufacturer. This particular one might receive a little bit more acceptance since it was done purely for racing. Owner and driver RenĂ© Ruch had reached the limit of the original 3.5L V8 and needed … Read more

1976 Ferrari Dino With A Twin-turbo Chevy V8

Projects can take different directions and sometimes with different owners. In its current form this 1976 Ferrari Dino houses a twin-turbo 4.8L (LR4) iron-block Gen3 SBC. The engine is mated to a Subaru five-speed transaxle with upgraded PPG gears. The engine will gain a nice flat-plane crank sound thanks to some hand-made 180 degree headers. … Read more

The Italian El Camino

You don’t associate Ferrari and engine swap too much. I think we only featured one true Ferrari swap since we started this website. For many reasons you just don’t come across many. But the tv show Ultimate Wheels sure did. First they started with a 1989 Ferrari 412 that the previous owner had replaced the … Read more