For Sale: 2003 BMW 330i with a 6.2 L LSx

2003 BMW 330i with a 6.2 L LSx V8

This 2003 BMW 330i is for sale in Detroit with an asking price of $27,000. Under the hood sits a 6.2 L LSx V8 made from a LS3 block and everything else is from a L92 from a Cadillac Escalade. The engines has minor upgrades including some head work and SMC Performance cam which helps … Read more

Race BMW E46 M3 with LS7

What do you do when you need a quality racecar on a budget? Castro Motorsports used a very popular recipe from the engine swap cookbook. First start with a base consisting of a two-door BMW then stuff with lots of Chevy small block. Once we found the car we wanted, we knew that the suspension … Read more