Ford Fiesta with a Jaguar V6

1989 Ford Fiesta with a Jaguar V6

This 1989 Ford Fiesta is built and owned by Josh Wheeler in the UK. Josh spent 14 months converting the Fiesta to rear-wheel-drive using a Ford Sierra suspension and a lot of fabrication. The engine is a Jaguar 3.0 L AJ30 V6 that makes 231 hp and 209 lb-ft of torque through a custom driveshaft … Read more


Ford Fiesta with a 650 hp Turbo Zetec Inline-Four

Ford Fiesta with a Turbo Zetec Inline-Four

Michael Clarke built his 9-second Ford Fiesta Mk2 at his company Ignition Advantages in Essex, England. The Fiesta features turbocharged Zetec inline-four that makes 650 horsepower sitting on a Fiesta Mk6 subframe. Power goes to the front wheels through a Ford MTX four-speed with dog engagement straight-cut gears and Focus driveshafts. In 2017 Michael set … Read more

Ford Fiesta with a Mid-Engine Subaru Flat-Four

Ford Fiesta with a Mid-Engine Subaru Flat-Four

You will not find too many Ford Fiesta with wheelie bars. Chris Todd’s Mk1 Fiesta needs them to keep the front down while going down the drag strip at Santa Pod Raceway. Chris converted his Fiesta to RWD by installing a Subaru 2.0 L EJ20 flat-four and Porsche Boxster S six-speed transaxle in the back … Read more

Ford Fiesta with an Evo Powertrain

Ford Fiesta with a Mitsubishi Evo Powertrain

This Ford Fiesta is driven by Marek Rybníček for the Liqui Moly Racing Team in the Czech Republic. The 950 kg (2094 lb) race car was built to compete in FIA European hill climb competition and features a Mitsubishi Evo powertrain that produces 650 horsepower and 800+ Nm (589 lb-ft) of torque. There is no … Read more