Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ Inline-Four

2002 Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ inline-four

The MR2 W30 Spyder came from Toyota with a 1.8 L 1ZZ-FED inline-four that makes 140 hp and 126 lb-ft (171 Nm) of torque. The current owner of this 2002 MR2 swapped to a 1.8 L 2ZZ-GE inline-four after the original 1ZZ blew. They installed the 2ZZ using Monkey Wrench swap parts and retained the … Read more

Toyota MR2 with a Supercharged V6

Toyota MR2 with a Supercharged V6

Matt Farah has tested several Toyota MR2s in his One-Take series however he says this might be the last one. Brian Tullio stopped by with his 1993 MR2 he purchased with a 3.0 L 1MZ-FE V6 from a 1999 Camry. Although the previous owner completed the swap, Brian still did a lot of work so … Read more

Toyota MR2 with a Turbo K24

Toyota MR2 with a Turbo K24

This Toyota MR2 SW20 was built by BYP Racing and Developments in Australia. The little car still retains a four-cylinder engine however it was made by a competing manufacturer. The built 2.4 L K24 inline-four produces 603 horsepower thanks to a Garrett GTX3582 turbocharger. Power goes through a Honda five-speed transmission with Gear X 1-4 … Read more

For Sale: Toyota MR2 with a Volvo Turbo Inline-Five

Toyota MR2 with a Volvo Turbo Inline-Five

This Toyota MR2 is for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Boston, England with an asking price of £17,500. This first thing that jumps out is the Luxurypart Lp Gemballa S body kit. Behind the driver sits a 2.3 L Volvo B5234T5 inline-five upgraded with 750 cc injectors, 90 mm MAF, TD04-18T turbocharger making 20 psi … Read more

Toyota MR2 Powered by Turbo K20

A good friend pointed us to RaceLab’s amazing MR2 project. The power plant is a turbocharged Honda K20 good for 890 horsepower to the wheels. That level of power stuffed in a 2,400 lb package equals one incredibly fast car. As one can imagine with a swap like this, there are those who feel Honda … Read more