Toyota 86 2JZ Wiring Harness Kit

Scion FR-S with a 2JZ inline-six

Pure Automotive and Obsidian Motorsport Group recently debuted their complete wiring harness kit for installing a 3.0 L 2JZ inline-six into 2013-2017 Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ. Since the car relies heavily on CAN BUS systems it makes it very hard to make everything talk to each other the way it should from … Read more

Scion FRS with a Supercharged K24 – Part 1

Toyota 86 with a Honda K24

A friend of CZero Media is taking his Scion FRS with some light performance mods and installing a 2.4 L Honda K24 inline-four. The owner was thinking about supercharging the factory motor but decided to use a K-series because it would provide more power and dependability. Plus the owner just loves the K-series engines. Follow … Read more

Toyota 86 with a 1,800 HP 1FZ-FE

Toyota 86 with a Turbo 1FZ-FE I6

This Toyota 86 was built for Boosted 86 Racing and driver Nikki Hepburn to dominate at the drag strip. The engine is a 4.5 L 1FZ-FE inline-six that was de-stroked to 4.0 L and built by JW Automotive. It produces 1,800 horsepower thanks to a Link Thunder ECU and Garrett GTX55 turbo. All that power … Read more