BMW E30 with a Twin-turbo M60

Max Marshall Racing BMW E30 with a twin-turbo 4.0 L M6040 V8

Max Marshall originally built this BMW E30 for the British Drift Championship but it has sat in the corner ever since the 2012 season. Max knew it had a lot of potential and started a massive rebuild in 2014. Recently some engine bay photos have been making the rounds which received a lot of attention … Read more

BMW 320i Hill Climber with a 3.5 L Indy V8

Team Edlinger BMW 320i with a 3.5 L IRL GM V8

This race car was built by Team Edlinger in Styria, Austria to compete in hill climb racing. The body is based off a BMW 320i E30 which has been customized for weights savings and aerodynamics. The engine is a 3.5 L GM V8 from the Indy Racing League (IRL) which produces 570 horsepower at 11,300 … Read more

BMW E30 with a 1,050 HP M5 Engine

BMW E30 with 1,050 HP S38 I6

Boba Motoring posted a video of an E30 they are claiming is the fastest BMW in Germany. The car is powered by a 3.6 L S38 inline-six from a BMW M5. Thanks to a Precision PT8285 turbocharger and E85 fuel the engine produces 1,050 horsepower. That kind of power will produce some impressive stats. The … Read more

BMW E30 M3 With A 1,000 Horsepower 2JZ

It would seem Vidar Jødahl’s 2JZ powered BMW E30 M3 is as fast on ice is it is on concrete. On a frozen lake in Sweden Vidar was able to reach 197 mph and set a new record for the fastest 2WD car on ice. The engine produces 1,078 horsepower and 1,089 ft-lb of torque … Read more

BMW E30 With A M52B28 Motor

The Bavarian Motor Works company would be proud of this build. Although I am sure there have been E30 projects as detailed as this one, I have never come across one. A gentleman from Finland took a 1984 E30 and put a 1987 E30 body around it. He did this to avoid Finland’s laws involving … Read more

BMW E30 Powered By A 600 Horsepower LS3

Smokey’s Dyno and Performance in Akron, Ohio has built a very powerful BMW E30 called Project GMW. The E30 was built for high speed runs and road courses. Currently the car runs a Trick Flow built LS3 crate motor bored to 408 cubic inches. The engine features forged internals, Trick Flow 245 heads, stage 4 … Read more